Patience Is A Virtue

Patience is a virtue.
— B.E.K.

Those words are something I live by now. When I was younger, my mom would tell me that quote as I fidgeted with a tangled necklace or got upset about something I couldn’t control. As annoying as it used to be, it has always been that little voice (playing angel) in the back of my mind.

Yes, I get annoyed at the most uncontrollable things, yes once in awhile (okay, maybe more often than that) get a pang of road rage and hit the horn, but there’s always that reminder in the back of my head. “Kimberly, patience is a virtue.”

Hey, it’s even something we should all take a little time to remember. You can really tell a lot about someone by a few tendencies that we’ve all been guilty of at one time or another. C’mon, who hasn’t gotten annoyed at a pair of tangled headphones?

Wait staff hater: I’ve worked in the food industry for years and well, I can’t tell you enough how much I believe everyone should work in it at some point in their life. Cliché? Absolutely, but I’m still a firm believer in the idea. Boy can you really tell a lot about yourself and others while waiting tables. The way people get so uncontrollably angry at how long their food is taking / end up taking it out on the wait staff. If you’re on a date, take a mental note of how your guy/lady treats the server. It really shows a person’s true colors.

Tangles for days: There’s nothing more annoying than a tangled necklace or headphones. Sometimes I find myself throwing/whipping my headphones around in a frenzy to untangle the mess. After I do it, I realize I look like a crazy person and just need to relax. It’s a knot, not a disease. Calm down.

Traffic racer: Okay, so I’m a speed demon. I’m that a-hole that swerves from lane to lane, trying to beat the jam. I know, I know it’s annoying. I’m working on it, okay?

Long line hater: Everyone hates a long line – I get it. I’m guilty of huffing and puffing at someone moving at a pace slower than that of growing grass, but taking our frustration on someone isn’t going to solve the issue. Take a few breaths and realize waiting to pay for your bottle of vino and box of cookies will be solved, soon enough.