Hats on Hats

Ever since I was 3, yes 3-years-old, I’ve been obsessed with hats. Fedora’s always seem to be my go-to staple of summer and this season, I’ve decided to keep the fedora and wide-brimmed hat vibe going strong by investing in a black felt one. I love it. I don’t care what anyone thinks – it’s perfect for no good, very bad hair days and everything in between.

These are a few of my favorite hats this season. If you think you can't pull one off, you're wrong. You just have to own it, ladies! Go ahead, go rock one.

| Mossimo Supply co. Fedora Hat  Burgundy + fedora = perfectly delicious!  

2 | J.Crew Bailey Felt Hat: Yes. Yes. Yes. I love this style – it’s got that Indiana-Jones vibe that would make you feel like a badass. I think that’s reason-enough to buy it. At least that's what I'm going to tell myself.

3 | Top Shop Felt Floppy Hat: The perfect floppy. I dig this one. The color, the style, it’s everything.

4 | Rhinestoned Knit Beanie: Cozy + glammed-up. I need one of these in my life. It's $8.90, ladies - go get one.

5 | The North Face ‘Shinsky’ Beanie: The pop of color is the perfect accent to any gloomy weather.