Success Starts With Habits

Success doesn’t magically appear, those who are successful strive to achieve their success. Right? Right.

To many, success is winning. Yes, it is defined as ‘the accomplishment of one’s goals’, however, it takes a bunch of tiny things to work together to help you achieve that goal.

I read an article the other day that explained the top 3 things successful people do and it made me think of the things I do or rather things I should be doing to not only be successful, but happier.

Sometimes I feel like just doing a few of these things makes me automatically more energized and better about myself.

Give em’ a try and let me know what you think.

Say hello to H20

I’ve never been one to thoroughly enjoy drinking water (caffeine is my water. I’m a very bad girl) unless it’s after a long run or cycle session – then I can’t have enough. I have, however, been ditching the excessive amounts of coffee for excessive amounts of water and it’s life changing. I’ve never been the one to drink pop (soda, if you’re into calling it that) and I’ve always opted for water when I’m out to eat, but maybe it’s my forgetfulness that makes me forget to drink it throughout the day. You know, to stay hydrated and stuff – the necessary things. Anyways, I’ve been drinking it more and just feeling better. No more caffeine headaches or those weird tummy aches you get from too much caffeine. Did I mention my anxiety has definitely decreased? Well it has.

Early bird gets to sweat

Ok so I changed that saying up a bit, but you get the idea. Working out in the mornings has been my thang for a few months now. Many of you probably ::cringed:: when you read that, but not only do I beat the after-work crowd, but I feel so energized and relaxed (honestly, even happier) before work to take on my day. I love getting out of work and not having to lug myself into the gym. Oh and it definitely doesn’t hurt to have evenings open to grab cocktails with friends.

To-do list = lifesaver

I don’t know about you, but my to-do list is my serious lifesaver. Not only do I love crossing things off my list (guilty: adding things I’ve already done, just to cross them off. Opps.), but making one altogether is enough to keep me focused. Just ask my co-workers, I have lists on lists at work.

Routine is key

There was a period of time post-graduation, where I felt like I was on a constant vacation. In hindsight, a vacation sounds nice, but it definitely wasn’t the tropical kind where lying on the beach with a daiquiri in hand is acceptable. Yes, I was waiting tables and applying for jobs, but I was constantly feeling unproductive. It was the only period in my life where I didn’t exactly have a game plan. High school and college were periods where I knew what classes I needed to be taking, what professors were the best and I had a routine down pat. Post-college - not so much. I will say, after starting a routine and adding tasks to my to-do list (see above), I finally felt productive and even good about my daily productivity and myself. Whether you’re applying for jobs, stuck in a job rut or even in college, having some sort of game plan for the day will help you think clearly, feel organized and be more productive.