The Keepers: Friends Mean the Most

Life has a funny way of introducing you to new people when you need them the most.

Living in my hometown (again), without a good friend base was quite difficult, but with a new Wednesday night tradition with a few new friends (of Malbec and cocktails, of course) it all seemed to fall together. Having your girl friends by your side is seriously something that males just can’t seem to compete with. The pieces just fit and it’s awesome.

They understand when you’re torn between wearing heels out vs. sandals (and know it’s normal to go back in forth between each option, 3-4 times), they get when you’re a little moody or that a quick coffee date/vent session can be the remedy to even the worst of days. Lattes can solve all probs.

Sometimes looking back on the friendships I’ve made, I look to the ones that not only made me grow as a person, but the friends I could call anytime, anywhere. The ones that could enjoy doing just anything, including watching Real Housewives re-runs. All day. 

Those are truly the keepers.