6 Things To Try This Month

When it comes to a new year, most associate it with dieting, juicing, working out, spinning, barre-ing + anything and everything that helps you trim the waistline.

I'm that weirdo who actually enjoys working out. I know, I know....it's odd, but let me explain. For me, working out isn't just a way to stay in shape, but it's my stress relief. Having a bad day? Hit the punching bag. Hit the pavement. Take a spin class. Yes, I'm weird, but it works. If you're giving me evil eyes via this blog, just try it. I dare you. I will say working out in the morning has helped me not only feel great, but boosts my energy-levels (...and my booty totally appreciates it).

This month, I plan on trying a few new things thanks to Pinterest, my New Year's Resolutions and Instagram bloggers (whatever. lols.). Not only with my workout routine, but my eating habits, skin care and even makeup routine.


Pinterest, you're my weakness. Anything that revolves around pasta, but doesn't cost the calories is totally A-ok in my book. Enter: Zucchini-Noodles...otherwise known as Zoodles. These things have been majorly trolling Pinterest and I'm definitely excited to give them a whirl or two...around my fork. Not funny? ...moving on.
This recipe looks delicious + once I give it a try, I'll post the recipe on here. *Side note: My Spaghetti Squash Pad Thai recipe is off the chain. You need this in your life.*

Let's be real, drinking water is obviously the one way to lose weight, clear your skin, feel better, etc., etc., etc. Typically, I'm more busy with drinking my morning coffee rather than loading up on my necessary water in-take, which is a major fail. This month / year / lifetime, I'm going to make sure I'm getting enough water for the day. Flavored waters are my new-coffee...or at least that's what I keep telling myself.

Barre class has definitely been the new craze. I will say this year & month, I plan on trying new classes. I've forever loved spin class (I have the shoes and everything. They're life changing. You need them.), but want to start focusing on new classes that get me out of my comfort zone. Hello barre class, I can't wait to try you. Also I want to get back into yoga and really focus on stretching it out or at least pretending I'm somewhat flexible.

Knocking Out Processed Food (or at least attempt to)
Have you ever read the ingredient list on food products? It's actually extremely disgusting. Most of the time when I grocery shop (except for my addiction to Goldfish), I've been trying to buy the products that have the least amount of ingredients or at least has ingredients that I know. I'm not one that's addicted to fast food or anything like that, but it's foods you eat / drink that are actually gross. Gatorade, I'm looking at you. Ew.

Wash It Off | I'm in my 20s, not 40s and anti-aging products aren't exactly high on my priority list, but maybe they should be. I won't necessarily say I'm going to run and buy anti-aging serum, but I will work on my skincare routine. I'm guilty of getting home late, brushing my teeth and rolling into bed. But what? You don't see where I listed taking off my makeup? You're right, I didn't. I'm guilty of forgetting to wash my face before bed and that's a major no-no. 1) It's gross. 2) It's horrible for your skin. I vow to my face that I will work on this. Asap.

Positivity Rules | Everyone has their off-days. Days where your hair isn't sitting right, you don't want to get out of bed or you stare at the mirror so long you hate everything about yourself and/or all things in your closet. If you checked [yes] to any of those things, then this is something you can relate with me on. I hate those days. Everyone does. It's inevitable, but this year / month / lifetime, I plan on knocking those thoughts out of my head. 'Ew my thighs are gross.' 'I need a tan, I'm far too pale.' 'Nothing looks good on me.' For every negative thought you have about yourself, think of a positive one. It might sound silly, cliche, whatever else you want to call it, but it helps. 
'Ew I look fat in this dress' should = 'Damn, this dress makes my butt look ah-mazing.
Our thoughts shouldn't control our lives. And repeat.