The Perfectly Unplanned

When I look back, everything in my life was always so perfectly planned. From picking out my communication/public relations degree at Virginia Tech, to the 4 years of undergrad life filled with $3 triple vodka soda's and the best of friends, to a summer-filled with applying for jobs, snagging a job and surviving my full year at that job.

It all happened so fast. So far, my life has been pretty much planned to a tee. After high school, I knew that college was my next step. After college, I knew a job (using my degree) was the next, next step. It was all curated to fit my perfectly planned life. Now, it's funny how I feel like I don't have plans. Yes, I want to eventually get married, have kids, the white picket fence, you know the whole nine yards or the 'so-called normal' things, but right now I'm ok with how things are going.

 I'm perfectly content with my excessive binge-watching of Scandal, nightly glass of Malbec  and Wednesday Night cocktail traditions with my girl friends. Sometimes it's nice to know that maybe there shouldn't always be a plan, a 'normal' timeline of the route your life should take. Sometimes, it's nice to just go with the flow, be laid-back and say screw-it to the timeline. Maybe the unplanned route is the better one.