Looks I Love

As a new season begins, there's something so refreshing about changing-up your wardrobe a bit. It's like with the fall of the leaves comes a new you - I can definitely dig that. Plus it's an excuse to buy new clothes. ;)

1. Essie 'Style Cartel' | Hues of navy blue are definitely on my radar this season. I love the dark plums, but a bold navy shade is right up my alley. I have a feeling this polish is going to be my new go-to this season.

2. H&M V-Neck Blouse | I bought this blouse last week and l totally love the rosey pink color - definitely on the girly side. Paired with black skinnies it's perfect for a dinner date or toss on a pencil skirt and it works for the office. Super versatile and I love how comfy it is - it's also perfect for those icky feeling days. Holla.

3. Towne & Reese Evangeline Necklace | Just because summer's winding down doesn't mean we have to pack away our bright-colored jewelry. This necklace would look great with a cable-knit sweater or even a basic t-shirt. I definitely need this in my life. K, thanks.

4. Benefit They're Real! Push-Up Liner | Ok, so this little tube of liner is heaven on earth. Err...your eyelids? Some of you might already know that I'm ob-sessed with Benefit Cosmetics, but if not - now you know, now ____. Cue: Biggie song. But really, this liner is great - especially if you want to easily perfect the winged-liner look (which I love). It's a little on the pricey side, but hey it pays to be beautiful..or something like that. (Their 'They're Real! Mascara' is amazing as well - get my review here.)

5. New Look Mint Green Lace Pencil Skirt | Let me preface this pick, I am in love with midi skirts. The lacey details and the midi length of this pencil skirt definitely gives it that 'wow' factor. I need this skirt in my work-wear rotation, immediately.

6. Old Navy Penny Loafers | Gold + penny loafers. My inner-kid loves these. A lot. Let's just say I have vivid memories of stuffing pennies in my black penny loafers when I was an itty bitty Kimmy. I love the androgynous-feel of these and my heart beats a little faster when I think of pairing these boyish kicks with some girly florals.