Bag Essentials

Any girl will tell you, without her bag she feels naked. Yes, naked. 

If I’m not toting around a huge hobo or a cross body bag is not over my shoulders, there’s something wrong and maybe I should start looking for my wallet ASAP. Kidding.

I will say there are a few items in my bag that I just won’t remove. Maybe I’ll switch up my purse, but those items stick it out for the long haul. Even if that means I’m constantly trying to find my EOS at the bottom of my bag. Opps.

{ left to right } 

Moleskine| Since I handle blogging for both my personal and work life, some type of notebook is appropriate. Plus, I'm a big believer in lists. I'm fairly certain my life would be some sort of chaos if I didn't have a list (this can give you an idea).

'Vanilla Mint' eos | This isn't just a must, it's a necessity. Not only does this stuff give my lips some major moisture and shine, but the shape helps me find it at the bottom of my purse. Ladies, you know what I'm talking about.

Skateboard USB | My b-friend got me this bad boy and even though the wheels fell off (I tend to break most things, especially since I throw my purse on the ground), it's still a must-have in my bag. Not to mention, it always has the latest episode of Mad Men on little guy. Thanks C.

'Coral Crush'| Ok, I love lipstick and balm and gloss and everything in-between, but this tube is always in my bag. Always. Not only is the price tag amazing, but this color works great on every skin tone. Ps. it looks super ah-mazing on tan skin (try these little things out for some sunless tanning help. Your pale legs will thank you.).

Posie Tint | This stuff is the jam. If you don't know, now you now. I've definitely blogged about this lip + cheek stain before. I just can't get enough of this stuff. No really. I use it everyday.

Bobby pins | My bobby pins have traveled more places than I have ever, will ever travel.. Whether they're on the ground in my room, bathroom, hotel rooms, jammed under my car seat - these thangs have journeyed everywhere. Naturally, I need 100s of them.  

Looks I Love

As a new season begins, there's something so refreshing about changing-up your wardrobe a bit. It's like with the fall of the leaves comes a new you - I can definitely dig that. Plus it's an excuse to buy new clothes. ;)

1. Essie 'Style Cartel' | Hues of navy blue are definitely on my radar this season. I love the dark plums, but a bold navy shade is right up my alley. I have a feeling this polish is going to be my new go-to this season.

2. H&M V-Neck Blouse | I bought this blouse last week and l totally love the rosey pink color - definitely on the girly side. Paired with black skinnies it's perfect for a dinner date or toss on a pencil skirt and it works for the office. Super versatile and I love how comfy it is - it's also perfect for those icky feeling days. Holla.

3. Towne & Reese Evangeline Necklace | Just because summer's winding down doesn't mean we have to pack away our bright-colored jewelry. This necklace would look great with a cable-knit sweater or even a basic t-shirt. I definitely need this in my life. K, thanks.

4. Benefit They're Real! Push-Up Liner | Ok, so this little tube of liner is heaven on earth. Err...your eyelids? Some of you might already know that I'm ob-sessed with Benefit Cosmetics, but if not - now you know, now ____. Cue: Biggie song. But really, this liner is great - especially if you want to easily perfect the winged-liner look (which I love). It's a little on the pricey side, but hey it pays to be beautiful..or something like that. (Their 'They're Real! Mascara' is amazing as well - get my review here.)

5. New Look Mint Green Lace Pencil Skirt | Let me preface this pick, I am in love with midi skirts. The lacey details and the midi length of this pencil skirt definitely gives it that 'wow' factor. I need this skirt in my work-wear rotation, immediately.

6. Old Navy Penny Loafers | Gold + penny loafers. My inner-kid loves these. A lot. Let's just say I have vivid memories of stuffing pennies in my black penny loafers when I was an itty bitty Kimmy. I love the androgynous-feel of these and my heart beats a little faster when I think of pairing these boyish kicks with some girly florals.