Uncertainty Shapes You

When life gets crazy, losing a sense of how much you've grown is something that usually follows suit. Think back a year ago, 2 years ago, even a month ago. Some pretty incredible things have happened to get you where you are now.


 Sometimes I get caught up in the now, that I forget to remember how much I've grown throughout life, especially since college graduation. It seriously feels like a lifetime ago and that's a little scary. Life gets crazy, but when you slow down to appreciate how many little things happened to get you where you are now, you'll realize uncertainty was part of it all. Whether  you're happy where you are now or not, there's always a force pushing you forward. Onward. Upward. Things go wrong so better things can work out. A bad decision can turn into a right one; it's all in your perspective. 

After college, I was in a place of uncertainty. Uncertain with my path, my degree, my relationships, where the next road in life would take me. This past weekend, a commencement address (I know I'm so cheesy) made me realize that the times of uncertainty are the times that define you; they're the ones that shape and mold you into you. The uncertainty is just part of our growth, it's necessary and normal and a time that should be embraced rather than feared.

Go on and embrace the parts of your life that aren't certain, those feelings of not knowing what's ahead, where you'll be next year or even next month. Don't be afraid of the uncertainty, embrace it and love it. It makes you, you.