Outside Your Comfort Zone

Trying new style trends has always been something I've loved tackling. Whether it was rocking a fur vest, embracing the hot pink matte lipstick trend or those newsboy hats (can we say J.Lo?) in high school - I've always been the one game for trying a new trend and embracing it. 

I will say it's not always easy. For the longest time I've been timid to wear the wide-brimmed hats that seem to be taking over fashion blogger's insta's on the reg. I've always been a hat person, but this trend made me a little nervous to give it a run. Will people think I'm trying too hard? Is it too big for my head? Do I look silly? Lots of doubts.

I know, I know it's just a hat. It's just a thing you wear, but as I had these doubts they made me realize, why the hell do I care so much? Who am I trying to impress? If I want to wear a hat, I'll wear it. I shouldn't care what other people think. I like the hat, I'll rock the hat, and that's that. And I did. I wore it to/from work, which might seem a little bold considering my work wear veers toward the conservative side.

 We all have a tendency to think about what other people will think of us or what they will think of our appearance. It's human nature, but that doesn't mean we should be so caught with others opinions of us or our appearance. We need to start embracing new things, not only for the confidence factor, but to shrug off others opinions of us.

Fashion gives us an outlet to express not only our personality, but our mood. It really is art. Art that gives you confidence. Never let others opinions control your mind. Remember that. I know I'll try to.